About Our Halloween Event

Bring your children in their costumes to as many businesses as you can visit. All participating stores will be displaying Event Colored balloons at their doorways. What a great way to learn more about the businesses in your area, and your children will begin to collect their Halloween bounty in a safe and fun way. Check back here, at our web site, for more information and a list of participating businesses.

Please e-mail all inquiries to jerry@michelsonshoes.com or call (781) 862-1034."

Review of Halloween 2014

"What a perfect setting for kids to gleefully frolic the streets in search of their treats. Around every corner were more princesses and witches, football players and firefighters, kitties and lions, puppies and bears. Oh, what a sight to see!"

That was the scene around the town on Halloween 2014. Thank you all so much for supporting our latest event. Getting 100 businesses together to open up their doors to flocks of children was a success. Yet without the over 1,000 happy youngsters and parents, it could not have been a TRUE SUCCESS!

Hopefully each one of you saw someone you knew, felt like a part of the community, learned of a new business, found something or someplace that you might not have known existed in Lexington, and maybe got a good costume idea for next year. That was our intention, and we hope you visit again in the near future.

Also, we would like to thank Lexington Preschool PTA, Colonial Times, & Lexington Minuteman for their coverage of this event. Without them we could not have spend the word! Thank you to the Lexington Police Department for their cooperation to make our day run smooth. A special Thank you to our detail patrol for directing traffic and pedestrians for 4 hours straight!! (You worked the hardest of all!!)

Lastly, we need to mention the hard work of our volunteers. Deran of Catch a Falling Star, Susan O'Keefe of Cambridge Trust, Eric Michelson of Michelson's Shoes, Brian Daniels of Daniel Chiropractic Office, and Stacey Sheenan of Cambridge Trust all dedicated time to this event.

And a big Thank You to the Lexington Youth Commission volunteers who helped deliver the bouquets around the town."