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When: Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Where: Massachusetts Avenue (between Meriam Street and Waltham Street)

Open to All Lexington Retailers, Restaurants, Service Businesses, Civic, and Municipal Organizations


6:00 am

Massachusetts Avenue between Meriam Street and Waltham Street is closed to the public

8:00 am

Businesses begin to set up ( LRA must approve requests to set up before 8:00 am)

10:00 am

ReDiscovery Day opens to the public

3:00 pm

ReDiscovery Day closes to the public – Breakdown can begin

5:00 pm

Massachusetts Avenue opens to the public

The LRA conducts drawings for Merchant Prizes donated by participating businesses throughout the day

Benefits of Participation

  • Access to a great promotion with great publicity while sharing the price of publicizing the event
  • LRA handles the operational details, leaving you free to focus on your biggest asset: your business
  • Consistent promotion year after year, producing major crowds prepared to purchase
  • Widespread, long-term name recognition




Register online to be a supporter (you will not have a booth but your sponsorship will be publicized before and during the event). Pay with PayPal or by check.

I Want A Booth


Register online for a ReDiscovery Day booth and pay with PayPal or by check.

Registration Form

I want to be either a Supporter or have a booth, but I would prefer to print out an application and mail in a check

Equipment Rental Information

We do not require that you rent equipment. However, past participants find that the equipment rental program is an affordable way to make the day easier and give a professional and neat appearance. All the equipment is first quality and the rental company sets it up in your booth and then removes it at the end of the day.

Equipment includes:

Shade Tent ($80) – these 10’ x 10’ shade tents cover a standard size booth. They also provide some protection against stray passing showers. All tents are secured to the ground for safety. They ask that nothing be used that would put a hole in the tent tops or leave a residue behind; such as any tapes or pins.

Tables ($25) – a sturdy 8’ long folding table has a strong wooden top. Supply your own table cloth for a neat, professional appearance.

Chairs ($3.50 each) – it’s a long day, so don’t forget something to sit on! These folding chairs have contoured plastic seats and backs.

Banner Frame ($35)Get Your Business Or Organization Name Up Where it can be SEEN. Our equipment rental company offers a “Banner Frame” to hang your business’s banner high above the crowd. The banner frame attaches to their 10’ x 10’ shade tent.  The rental company provides all materials to affix the banner to the framing.

How big should my banner be?

  • Max Height 3’
  • Max Width 9’6”
  • Outdoor weight material
  • Grommets: Your banners should have at least 5-6 grommets – 1 on each corner, and 2 additional ones on the top of the banner. Banners without grommets will not be hung.


The banner in the picture is 2′ high and 9’6″ wide.

Banner Frame